My Purpose

I knew I was lost for some time.  

  • I did not know how to tell anyone "no".  In fact I was a mostly a "yes" man.  
  • One of my two highest love languages at that time was probably "Acts of Affirmation".  I lived for the few moments in busy times where someone would blow my head up.  
  • I lived to make my parents happy, my family happy, and deferred my Joy.

So at 38 years old, I set out on a journey to find my Purpose.  

Here is what I found:

Putting your purpose on paper is not as easy as what everyone thinks and says.

For a whole year, I did research to figure out how to find one’s purpose. That was roughly in the year 2012. I do have to say that the Internet was a lot easier back then. It was not as cluttered with information, scams, and information overload.

  1. After distilling information from various websites, my next steps turned into an exercise to start outlining the things that I like to do.
  2. From there, my venture got me back to listing HOW I get to the point to do those things I like to do.  

In the end, my approach as compared to all the research that I was doing helped me back into a very high-level summary, which would be my purpose.

All the things I like to do, my morals, and my values would be like a manifesto that would guide how I’ve executed tactics on my top level strategy and purpose.

Before I ramble more, I’ll simply just share with you my purpose and manifesto.

Hopefully I will be able to remember more on how I got to my purpose in an upcoming post.

Here goes:

My Purpose
To live a happy & meaningful life while being a shining example that life's worth  living, that true dreams can come true, and beliefs with hard work produce lifestyle wonders..

What to do I want in life?

I want to create smiles.  

I want to smile.  

I want to comfortably provide for my family while earning money in ways that I feel empowered to make the rules.  

I want to be a part of my family's life and yes, do things I want to do.  

I want to fill my days with cultural learning, travel to exotic locations, and be able to make money from anywhere in the world.  

I want power and the knowledge to discern when to use it.  I want to be personable, fun, reliable, loving, and I want to make a difference ....

I want to maximize productivity in the time I have left.... I want to increase the big moments in life with positive milestones .

I want to work hard and play harder... I want to fix what I can and know when I don't control situations....

I want to be a better father, husband, son, brother, nephew, coach, confidante and friend....

I want to break dumb cultural norms and bring back the ability to cultivate dreams in young and old alike.

I want good health, good mind and good spiritual relations with God.

I want to create good habits.  I want to pursue a lifestyle to "live" in the lives of those I love.  I want to be happy and to have a spirit that I am in Gods image.

I want to share.  Share my story.

I want to be loved, respected and admired.  I want freedom and to free others.  I want freshness and challenge and the ability to take good with bad.

I want to be me freely....a dreamer at heart... And an achiever by art....

I want..... To make things where I want so I GET....

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