How I Almost Died at the Hands (feet) of Wild Hogs

Warning:  This is a CREATIVE story.  No Wild Pigs nor Hogs were Hurt in this EPI DRAMA.

Once upon a time, in a remote suburb of Atlanta, there lived a brave hunter named B. He was known for his exceptional skills in tracking and hunting wild animals. 

One sunny morning, he was called to the woods to search for a legendary wild hog that had been terrorizing the nearby neighbors. Armed with his trusty Colt 357 king cobra, B set off on his quest. As he delved deeper into the dense foliage, he could feel the tension in the air. The forest seemed unusually quiet, as if it was holding its breath in anticipation. 

Suddenly, a rustling sound broke the silence. B’s heart skipped a beat as he realized that he was not alone. Out of the bushes emerged massive wild hogs and their eyes gleaming with fury. Without wasting a second, B raised his Colt and fired a shot. The bullet hit the wild hog, but it only enraged the beast further. 

The hog charged at B with incredible speed, its razor-sharp tusks ready to tear him apart. B quickly fired another shot, but to his horror, he realized that he was running out of bullets. B ran to his truck, and before he knew it as the sun set, he had lost his key in the woods. With adrenaline coursing through his veins, B knew he had to think fast. 

He swiftly climbed up a nearby tree, desperately trying to find a way to escape the wrath of the wild hogs. The hogs circled the base of the tree, snorting and grunting, their determination unwavering. As B clung to the branches, he racked his brain for a solution. Time seemed to slow down as B did all he knew to do… Get down from the tree and walk out of the woods to safety. 

Sadly, it turned pitch black. The hawks came out of nowhere again… B took his final shot from his revolver to the unwelcome sound of clicks. No more bullets ! 

We will never know what happen to be. They found his truck and his wife moved to Hawaii with his life insurance policy. 

Some people believe they saw him in Maui selling whole hog barbecue. His long beard and flip-flops… 

We Won't  allow us to identify him though. 

Who knows??

Hamilton E. Holmes & Charlayne Hunter-Gault